Our Creation Process

Identifying Your Content's Purpose

Creating content without a definite aim and purpose means wasted resources. Wordio’s writers help you identify the reader’s intent behind reading your content, so that we produce something that provides you results and provides your readers value.

First, we look at your content request to understand what type of content you’re looking for. Then, based on that, we’ll look at the current ranking articles to understand the reader’s intent. Is it transactional, information, etc.

Search intent, also known as user intent or query intent, refers to the underlying purpose or motivation behind a specific search query made by a user on a search engine.

Understanding search intent is crucial for Wordio as content creators because it helps us deliver the most relevant and useful content pieces to your user.

The “identify” process takes us no more than thirty minutes to an hour. Our process was built on speed and efficiency, and we know exactly what we’re looking for and how to interpret it.

Researching Your Content's Industry

New industry? No problem, Wordio’s creation process is rooted in significant market research prior to creation of your content piece and draft.

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Our research approach starts out by looking at the specific industry or niche from high level overview.

We then dive deeper into the subsets of that industry to understand market dynamics, customers and demographics, and identify affinity and user behavior behind the industry.

This allows us to create content for any market and any industry, quickly and from authority.

Good content needs to be created from the perspective of being an expert. Our detailed research process allows us to understand the inner workings of your industry to provide the highest level content without having to live in that industry day in and day out.

Our aim and mission is to provide content for your brand or business that positions you as the ultimate authority in whatever space you work inside.

Our writing team generally complete researching new industries in 2-4 working hours, although this is included in your subscription at no additional cost.

Drafting Your Content's Outline

Once your writer knows the purpose of your content and has knowledge of your industry, we’ll create the outline for your content. Approval of outline required prior to content creation.

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We provide a draft for every piece of content that we create. This forms a strong bond between you, our writing team, and up front quality control.

Because our content subscriptions are geared toward long-form blog and search driven content, outlines are critical to be sure to achieve the search intent behind the content.

Creating content without an outline is a great way to forget about important sections that need to be in your content piece.

To provide the best quality content the first time around, yes the content outline is necessary.

Our writers can knock out an outline in about 10-15 minutes. 

Outlines are easy when you identify and research prior to creating them.

Creating Your Content Deliberately

Once you approve the content outline provided by your writer, we’ll get to work crafting the perfect content you requested.

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Yes, Wordio can publish your content for you. Contact us to inquire about pricing and how it works.

Yup! Wordio has the “perfect content promise”, along with unlimited revisions.

That said, creating the outline and content brief prior to creation remove about 90% of the revisions because both you and your writer know what’s being created before it’s created.

The Wordio content creation process (from identify all the way to content delivery) takes around 24-48 hours.

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We offer the perfect content promise with unlimited revisions for every content.

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Their remarkable quality, budget-friendly rates, and prompt delivery make them my top choice. Highly recommended for all your writing needs!
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Wordio’s content blew me away. I wasn’t expecting much at the $49 price point, but holy moly I was surprised! I appreciate the speed of delivery as well.
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