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Wordio offers a versatile range of content creation options to meet your various marketing and communication needs. Here are the types of content you can create using Wordio:

  1. Ad Copy:
  • Billboards
  • Digital ads
  • Magazine ads
  • Newspaper ads
  • Print ads
  • Retargeting ads
  • Social media ads
  • Google ads


  1. Blogs & Articles:
  • Long-form blog content
  • Tutorials (how to xyz)
  • Listicles
  • Best of content
  • Alternatives & comparisons
  • Branding & PR articles


  1. Email Marketing:
  • Onboarding/welcome emails
  • Marketing emails
  • Promotional emails
  • Automation sequences
  • Newsletters & announcements
  • Nurturing emails
  • Testimonial emails
  • Blog post emails


  1. Landing & Website Pages:
  • General website pages (home, services, about, contact)
  • Blog pages
  • E-commerce (Product descriptions & category pages)
  • Support & Helpdesk pages


  1. PR (Public Relations):
  • New hires PR
  • New products PR
  • Events PR
  • New ventures PR
  • Business partnerships PR
  • Awards PR
  • Publications PR
  • Rebranding PR


  1. Proofing & Editing:
  • Website copy
  • Blog posts


  1. Social Media:
  • Posts
  • Captions
  • Bio
  • Descriptions


Wordio’s content creation platform empowers you to generate high-quality and engaging content across multiple channels.

Whether you need attention-grabbing ad copy, compelling blog posts, effective email campaigns, well-crafted website content, successful PR materials, polished editing, or captivating social media content, Wordio has you covered.

With its user-friendly interface, Wordio helps you streamline your content creation process and deliver impactful messages to your target audience.

If you opt for the “Pro” plan, you’re able to have one active request at a time.

This plan is ideal for individuals or smaller businesses seeking focused content generation.

For those with more extensive content requirements, the “Ultimate” plan offers enhanced capabilities. Subscribers to the “Ultimate” plan can have up to three active requests simultaneously, allowing for greater productivity and the ability to handle multiple projects concurrently.

This plan caters to larger organizations or those with a higher demand for diverse and continuous content creation.


At Wordio, we understand the importance of timely and efficient content delivery. That’s why we take pride in offering a remarkable 48-72 hour turnaround time (TaT) for projects up to 10,000 words on business days.

Our team of dedicated writers and editors works tirelessly to bring your ideas to life and ensure that your message resonates with your audience.

Whether you need engaging blog posts, compelling website copy, persuasive marketing materials, or any other form of written content, we’ve got you covered.

The 48-72 hour TaT applies to business days, ensuring that your projects move forward seamlessly during the regular workweek.

This commitment to efficiency allows you to meet your deadlines and stay ahead in the competitive marketplace.

With our subscription-based plans, we make it easy for businesses of all sizes to access high-quality written content tailored to their needs.

Our plans are designed to provide flexibility, affordability, and premium features, ensuring a seamless content creation experience.

Getting started is simple. Choose the subscription plan that best aligns with your content requirements.

We offer a range of options to cater to diverse needs, starting from our “Pro” tier plan, which includes 2,500 words per month, at an unbeatable price of just $49.

This plan is perfect for individuals, startups, or small businesses seeking professionally crafted content on a regular basis.

For those with more extensive content demands, we proudly present our “Ultimate” tier plan.

With this plan, you gain access to a comprehensive package of features, including more words per month, extra add-ons, and enhanced support.

Enjoy the freedom to create up to 500,000 words per month, ensuring that even the most ambitious content strategies can be delivered.

Our subscription model empowers you to have a consistent flow of top-notch content without the hassle of individual project payments.

Simply choose the plan that suits your content needs and budget, and let our talented team of writers and editors take it from there. The subscription approach allows you to focus on your core business while leaving the content creation to the experts.

At Wordio, we prioritize quality and speed. Rest assured that regardless of the plan you choose, we maintain the same high standards in every piece of content we deliver. With a best in market turnaround time, you can count on receiving your content promptly without sacrificing quality.

I’m interested, how do I get started?…

Step 1: Choose your Subscription

On the pricing page, you’ll find a few different subscription plans, each catering to different content requirements and budgets.

Whether you’re a solo blogger, a growing startup, or a well-established enterprise, Wordio has the perfect plan for you.

Step 2: Checkout

Once you’ve selected your subscription plan, it’s time to take the next step towards content creation excellence. Clicking on the “Get Started” button for whatever subscription you choose will direct you to our secure and user-friendly checkout page.

Rest assured that your data and payment information are protected using the latest encryption technology, ensuring a safe and smooth transaction.

Congratulations on your Wordio subscription purchase! Welcome to the world of effortless content creation and management.

Logging into your Wordio account is the gateway to accessing a suite of powerful tools and resources designed to elevate your content strategy and drive results.

Step 1: Accessing the Login Page

Once your purchase is complete, click the “login” button on the header menu.

Clicking on this button will lead you to the secure login page, where you can enter your account credentials.

Step 2: Entering Your Account Credentials

To access your account, enter the email address associated with your Wordio subscription and the password you set during the signup process.

Don’t worry; we’ve taken stringent security measures to safeguard your information and ensure a safe login experience.

Step 3: Discovering Your Dashboard

After successfully logging in, you’ll be greeted by your personalized dashboard. Here, you’ll notice three separate tabs on your left.

  1. New Content Request
  2. Subscription & billing
  3. Account

This is the hub for all your content creation with Wordio.

Once inside your dashboard, simply click the “New Content Request” tab on the left.

Follow the prompts to submit your content request.

Alright, I just signed up...

If for any reason you need help logging in, simply contact our support.

After successful content request submission, you’ll receive an email with a copy of your request.

Once your content is completed, your writer will send an email to the subscription email on file along with a Google doc file with your content.

Additionally, you can find all your content in the Google Drive folder created for you during sign up.

I’m having trouble with…

Simply use our chat widget on the right. We offer self-service options such as our user-friendly help desk search. If you cannot find the answer you need, simply contact our team through the widget.

Users on the “Ultimate” package have direct writer access.

Login to your “account” page and head over to the “subscription & billing” tab.

Once there, click “view” on your active subscription.

Afte that, click the “cancel” button to cancel your plan.

Additionally, our team can help you cancel your subscription if you’re having any issues.

We take customer satisfaction seriously. If for any reason your writer isn’t meeting your needs (which is rare), then contact our team and we’ll fix it by giving you a different writer.

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Frank Montezuma
5/5StarsRead More
Wordio's unmatched content creation, low prices, and quick turnaround make them the go-to choice for exceptional writing services. Highly recommended!
Ashley Johnson
5/5StarsRead More
Their remarkable quality, budget-friendly rates, and prompt delivery make them my top choice. Highly recommended for all your writing needs!
Kyrie David
5/5StarsRead More
Wordio sets the standard for content creation. With lightning-fast delivery and the ability to excel across various content types, they've become my go-to for all writing needs.
John Wilson
5/5StarsRead More
Wordio’s content blew me away. I wasn’t expecting much at the $49 price point, but holy moly I was surprised! I appreciate the speed of delivery as well.
Simmy Adams
5/5StarsRead More
Super impressed with the content provided by my writer. I was used to waiting a week or longer, but I had my content in just over a day after I requested.